Female Film Scene 25 +

Script #1 (Role of Michelle)


Reader: Michelle, you need to calm down.

Michelle: I just don’t understand why Rita said that I am paranoid. I mean, I don’t think that I am paranoid. Do you think I am paranoid? What is paranoid anyway? Does it mean that I think people are following me? That they are listening to my conversations? That they are listening to my conversations? That they are checking on my emails? I mean what does she mean that I am paranoid? Do you think that she actually said that first or is there somebody else that started the whole paranoid thing? What do you think?

Reader: Well I…

Michelle: You do think that I’m paranoid don’t you. I can see it in your eyes. When have I ever been paranoid? I am a very confident person. I never need affirmation from anybody, do I?

Reader: Michelle, I think caring what other people think of you is a characteristic of being paranoid.

Michelle: Oh…




Script #2 (Role of Ashley)


Ashley: I’m talking about our will. Let’s see, your tools go to your brother.

Reader: No, no, no, they’ll…

Ashley: I thought you weren’t participating.

Reader: I’m not participating. Those are my tools and I want to be buried with them.

Ashley: Oh, by the way, you’re not being buried. I’m having you cremated.

Reader: You are not going to put me in some stupid urn up on the bookcase.

Ashley: Oh no, I wouldn’t do that. I’m just going to put you in a mayonnaise jar behind the electric drill.




Script #3 (Role of Linda)


Linda: You have never tried to understand me. Every time I try to get close to you, you pull away from me.

Reader: You just don’t understand.

Linda: No, I do understand. You are completely afraid of commitment. I have been wasting my time for way too long.

Reader: I don’t feel like what we have is a waste.

Linda: That’s because you are calling all the shots. You have given me nothing. I don’t even know where we stand.

Reader: That is not true.

Linda: Well things are changing today. I am done. I have given you every opportunity to make a commitment and its just not going to happen. I am leaving and you might as well not try to stop me, once I make a commitment I stick with it and I commit to not being with you. 


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