Female Film Scene Ages 13-17

Script #1 (Role of Megan)


Megan: Welcome to A and E jeans. Can I help you today?

Bob: No thank you, I am just looking.

Megan: Well just to let you know, we have a great sale on all of our denim. It is 25% off all store purchases today only.

Bob: Thank you. I am just browsing today. I don’t really need jeans.

Megan: Well if it’s shirts you’re looking for, we have a whole rack at the back of the store with clearance prices starting at $9.99. Feel free to check them out.

Bob: Thank you, I will be fine. I really would like to be left alone to look.

Megan: Of course, but while you’re shopping alone, remember that you get 15% off your entire purchase if you sign up for a store credit card.

Bob: I’m out of here.

Megan: Whatever. 




Script # 2 (Role of Katie)


Katie: Dad, everybody is going to the party. I’ll be the laughing stock of the school if I don’t go.

Dad: You can go if your older brother can go with you.

Katie: Are you serious?

Dad: Yes I am.

Katie: You actually want me to show up at MY friend’s birthday party with my brother?  


Dad: That’s what I said.

Katie: Well you might as well start selling tickets to the “loser show” because I will be the star!

Dad: You know if I did sell tickets I could buy that new set of golf clubs.


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