Female Film Scene Ages 4-8

Script #1 (Role of Devin)


Devin: I miss mommy so much.

Reader: I know honey, I miss her too.


Devin: Who’s going to make my breakfast and tuck me in at night?

Reader: I’m going to do my best, I promise.

Devin: But it’s not the same, you’re not her.

Reader: I know. But I love you just as much.

Devin: I love you too Daddy.




Script #2 (Role of Emily)


Emily: I think you should be able to eat Ice Cream for dinner.

Dad: Honey, Ice Cream doesn’t have what you need to grow big and strong.

Emily: Well it is made with milk isn’t it?

Dad: Yes but they have added a lot of sugar to make it Ice Cream.

Emily: Make up your mind dad. One minute you’re asking me to be sweet and then you don’t want me to eat sugar. MEN! 



Script #3 (Role of Katelyn)


Katelyn: Dad, I want an allowance.

Dad: Sweetie, you are too young to get an allowance.

Katelyn: But dad, Tommy gets an allowance. What makes him so special?

Dad: Your brother is older, and he cleans his room. That is why he gets an allowance.

Katelyn: Well I am sweeter and much cuter, that should be good for something. I’ll let you think about it and then get back to you.  


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