Female Film Scene Ages 9-12

Script #1 (Role of Cindy)


Cindy: I can’t believe you are leaving me here after mom said you had to stay home.

Reader: I am not staying home when the biggest party of the year is happening down the street just because of my bratty little sister.

Cindy: I’m not supposed to be left alone. You heard what mom said. You’re gonna be in so much trouble.

Reader: You aren’t going to be left alone. I asked Mrs. Farley to come sit with you.

Cindy: Old woman Farley, she’s ancient! She can’t watch me. She falls asleep every time she sits down. Mom’s gonna kill you.

Reader: I’m going and that’s that. I hear somebody pulling in. It must be Old Wo…I mean Mrs. Farley. It’s time for me to go. Get the door while I gem my coat.

Cindy: Whatever your majesty. (opens door) Uh oh…hey mom, its good to see you back home. Guess where Julie’s going.




Script #2 (Role of Lyndon)


Lyndon:  Woooooo!! Party!

Reader:  What happened to you?

Lyndon:  (very excited and speedy) I tried this awesome drink called Demon. Actually, I tried seven of them. And I feel great! Except for my feet, which I can’t feel at all.

Reader:  Red Demon? Do you know what’s in that?

Lyndon:  (high energy) Carbonated water, sucrose, glucose, sodium citrate, taurine, glucuronolactone, caffeine, calcium-pantothenate, pyridoxine, yellow dye number seven, red dye number thirty-six… Oh, and vitamin C, so it’s good for you.




Script #3 (Role of Lilly)


Lilly:  Miley, what’s wrong?

Reader:  (Holds up hand and can’t speak)

Lilly:  Oh, no, you got a “D” in algebra? A “D” in science? You saw your yearbook picture?

Reader:  No, I’m listening to…what’s wrong with my yearbook picture?

Lilly:   Nothing, it’s a sweet smile. It says, “I’m friendly and I like spinach.”

Reader: Ahhhh!


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