Female TV Commercial Ages 18-24

Lean Cuisine


I decided long ago that I am not going to eat my way through every fast food restaurant and pizza joint. I eat healthy. After all, it does catch up with you. Lean Cuisine meals offer a healthy alternative with so many delicious meals that I never get bored. It’s not just lean, it’s cuisine.




TJ Maxx


I had to go to TJ Maxx. My boyfriend and I just broke up and I needed a little pick me up. So…I found this outfit. Perfect fit, perfect color…he HATES orange. Besides, it was a great deal…over half off. And if I didn’t get it, someone else would have gotten it because it was the only one left! The thought of some stranger walking around in my clothes kind of weirds me out. Plus, I hadn’t done laundry in a month. So I literally had to buy it. And it was orange, my signature color. Thanks TJ Maxx!






Skinny is out. That’s why I use Voluminous Mascara by L’Oreal. For luxurious lashes that are three times fuller. Thin is not in. Fat is where it’s at. Voluminous lashes? Why, yes by L’Oreal. Because…I’m worth it!


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