Female Film Scene Ages 18-24

Script #1 (Role of Beth)

Beth: Hey Sheila, I just found a very masculine looking cell phone at the coffee shop.

Reader: Really, What are you going to do with it?

Beth: Well, I think this is fate. I mean what if this guy turns out to be Mr. Right?

Reader: You have been watching too much reality TV. What if he turns out to be an ax murderer?

Beth: He can’t be, he has Barney’s on his speed dial.

Reader: Who the heck is Barney’s?

Beth: You know Barney’s, only the best shopping experience ever!

Reader: What pretentious person would have a department store on their speed dial?

Beth: His new girlfriend!! 

Script #2 (Role of Alyssa)

Alyssa: How can you say that? You haven’t even met my father.

Reader: I know. I just have a father phobia.

Alyssa: But you have to meet him. He’ll never let me go out with you if you can’t even face him. I mean he looks a little rough when you first see him but once you get to know him…

Reader: What do you mean rough?

Alyssa: Did I say rough? Oh, well that just kind of slipped out. Not really rough. He’s just a little one the edge most of the time.

Reader: On the edge of what? Insanity? Ok, that’s it. I’ll see you later. I just don’t think this is going to work out.

Alyssa: Can anybody say…Old Maid?! 

Script #3 (Role of Heather)

Heather: Do you always have to be so cheesy?

Reader: What do you mean?

Heather: You are always coming on to girls telling them how hot and how funny they are.

Reader: No I don’t

Heather: Yes you do! It is so nauseating. Do you honestly think anyone believes a word you say when you say it to everyone? How desperate do you think these girls are?

Reader: Heather!!!

Heather: What?

Reader: I do think you are beautiful.

Heather: Really? Oh, you are so sweet…


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