Male Film Scene Ages 18-24

Script #1 (Role of Nicholas)


Nicholas: I can’t get Stacy to return my calls. You would think that she has forgotten the last two years that we have been together.

Reader: Just give her some time. The more you call the less likely she is to call back.

Nicholas:  But there are so many things that we have not resolved. The least that she could do is let me have closure.

Reader: She is not interested in making you happy right now. She is trying to get over you.

Nicholas: Maybe I don’t want her to get over me. Maybe if I wait too long to talk to her it will be too late. I don’t know if I could handle that.

Reader: Well, I know that she is at work tonight. Maybe you should drop by the store and see her.

Nicholas: Really?

Reader: Yeah.

Nicholas: Thanks man.



Script #2 (Role of Rob)


Dad: What are you doing home in the middle of the afternoon?

Rob: I got fired from my job.

Dad: What do you mean you got fired? What, you can’t handle a 9 to 5, so you got in trouble again?

Rob: No, I got fired because I lied on my application about being convicted.

Dad: And you couldn’t just tell me that?

Rob: I wanted to tell you but mom said you didn’t need to know right now with everything you have going on.

Dad: You’re going to listen to your mom. You know she hasn’t had anything to do with us in years. And now she has a say?

Rob: This isn’t about you and her! This is about me. This is about  a stupid system where they lock you up expecting you to do something better with your life, but when you get out, there ain’t nothing better.

Dad: You know what, I’m getting sick and tired of your same ole excuses…

Rob: This is the problem!! I’m the one that’s’ been on six interviews. Six! They won’t hire me! What do you want from me?



Script #3 (Role of Mike)


Mike: You’re not gonna like this.

Reader: Well…spit it out.

Mike: I’ve decided to go ahead and testify.

Reader: Against me?

Mike: I know too much.

Reader: You know nothing.

Mike: Not just about the fire, but about the business. See everything is out in the open now and the only way we can stop this is to speak truthfully.

Reader: Man, I thought we were friends.

Mike: We were, but this is bigger than us! I gotta do the right thing.


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