Female TV Commercial Ages 13-17

Verizon #1

Can we talk for just a minute? It’s a little embarrassing to talk about but I have a little problem. Well actually it is a big problem. You see I have this huge growth on my ear that I can’t get rid of. It’s a cell phone. It is always there. Every time you see me you will see it sticking straight out of my ear. The problem is that with the growth came an even bigger bill. That’s why I switched my service to Verizon. Now I have a growth I can afford.

Verizon #2

My parents told me they were going to take my cell phone away because I waist all of my minutes on cheap gossip with my friends. Well believe me, gossip is not cheap. It is very valuable if you use it in the right way. After much debate, and a few tears on my part, they signed up for Verizon’s unlimited texting plan. I can text Jenny all the new gossip, I mean important news, any time and as much as I want. Thanks Verizon, you really know how to keep a girl connected.


Give me a break! I have school all day and dance class at night. That’s why when I need a break, I break of a piece of a Kit Kat bar. Kit Kat gives me energy to earn A’s all day and then dance the night away! Break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar!


Female TV Commercial Ages 9-12



My dad gives me the biggest problem about shopping at Abercrombie kids. He doesn’t understand why I would want to buy jeans with holes in them. He says that the clothes look like they have been worn before. He just doesn’t realize that is what makes them cool. Abercrombie kids. For the cool kid in all of us.






My favorite thing to do is play outside. The problem is I play hard and I get really dirty. My mom freaks out. “Jennie, girls aren’t supposed to get that dirty!”…ughhh. Then my friend’s mom told her about Tide’s new heavy duty detergent for kids, and girls like me. Now I can get as dirty as I want.





I love Cheerios! They’re healthy for your heart and they still taste great! They are a powerful part of a healthy breakfast to give you energy and help you grow. Cheerios, great brain food for kids of any age!

Female TV Commercial Ages 4-8

One A Day Vitamins


My mom says I can be anything I want to be when I grow up. That’s why she gives me One a Day Vitamins for Kids. They come in lots of fun shapes and they taste just like fruit! Plus they give my body everything it needs to grow up healthy and strong. I’m trying to decide what I want to be when I grow up, either a brain surgeon or a supermodel. But with One a Day Vitamins for Kids, the future is wide open!



Corn Pops


Where are my corn pops? We are out of my Kellogg’s corn pops! I can’t believe you ate them all, how could you? Stay calm. All of that crunch, all of that sweet popcorn…I want them and I can’t have them! Ugh! I’ve just gotta have my pops!





I love chicken fingers! At O’Charlies, big girls like me can eat for free. My dad likes that. So try out O’Charlies, and don’t forget the honey mustard!

Male Film Scene Ages 25 +

Script #1 (Role of Officer Rodgers)


Officer Rodgers:  Ma’am, I’m afraid you can’t sleep here.  This is a commercial property and I could cite you for trespassing.

Mary:  Sorry.  Sorry officer.

Officer Rodgers:  If you don’t have any money for a hotel room, ma’am, there’s a homeless shelter downtown at the Metropolitan Ministry on Florida Avenue.  If they’re full I have a twenty four hour number I can give you.

Mary:  No, no need.  We’re not homeless officer.  We’re just….

Officer Rodgers:  Well, Okay, but you still have to move on.  There’s a rest stop about eight miles up the 75.  Think you can find it?

Mary:  Yes, yes of course.  Up the 75.

Officer Rodgers:  And ma’am.  Be careful.  Lock your doors. 




Script # 2 (Role of Detective Flores)


Detective Flores: Mr. Grant can you tell me where you were on the night of March the 14th between the hours of ten and eleven pm.

Mr. Grant: I was at home with my dog.

Detective Flores: So nobody was there that can confirm you were actually in your home in this hour.

Mr. Grant: Not unless you know how to communicate with a collie.

Detective Flores: Mr. Grant, I don’t think that you understand how serious the charges are that you are facing.

Mr. Grant: It is preposterous that anyone could ever think that I would break into my ex-wife’s home and wreck her place.

Detective Flores: Then why did we find your fingerprints all over the house.

Mr. Grant: I bought that house and lived in it for ten years. You tell me.

Detective Flores: I don’t like your attitude. I am going to have to ask you to come down to the station with me to finish this line of questioning.


Script #3 (Role of Hondo)


Street: Am I looking at another day of chauffeur duty?

Hondo: Teams almost filled.

Street: Not that it hasn’t been fun.

Hondo: Well I do have one more spot to fill. Can you think of anyone I might have overlooked?

Street: Is this a game or a test, sergeant?

Hondo: Could be a bit of both.

Street: Yeah will I’m a little too old for games.


Hondo: Alright, so how would you like to be back on swat?

Street: It is not going to happen.

 Hondo: Then why hang around the cage?

Street: It’s a job.

Hondo: And swats a calling. Anyone around you for five minutes can tell you still got the bug, all you got to do is say yes.

Street: Look, its not up to you or me, I’ve got history here.

Hondo: Yeah, let’s talk about that. Did you really give your partner up in Fuller’s office, cause you know the team’s got to trust each other.

Street: Alright, look, I’m not on your team and no I didn’t give him up.


Male Film Scene Ages 18-24

Script #1 (Role of Nicholas)


Nicholas: I can’t get Stacy to return my calls. You would think that she has forgotten the last two years that we have been together.

Reader: Just give her some time. The more you call the less likely she is to call back.

Nicholas:  But there are so many things that we have not resolved. The least that she could do is let me have closure.

Reader: She is not interested in making you happy right now. She is trying to get over you.

Nicholas: Maybe I don’t want her to get over me. Maybe if I wait too long to talk to her it will be too late. I don’t know if I could handle that.

Reader: Well, I know that she is at work tonight. Maybe you should drop by the store and see her.

Nicholas: Really?

Reader: Yeah.

Nicholas: Thanks man.



Script #2 (Role of Rob)


Dad: What are you doing home in the middle of the afternoon?

Rob: I got fired from my job.

Dad: What do you mean you got fired? What, you can’t handle a 9 to 5, so you got in trouble again?

Rob: No, I got fired because I lied on my application about being convicted.

Dad: And you couldn’t just tell me that?

Rob: I wanted to tell you but mom said you didn’t need to know right now with everything you have going on.

Dad: You’re going to listen to your mom. You know she hasn’t had anything to do with us in years. And now she has a say?

Rob: This isn’t about you and her! This is about me. This is about  a stupid system where they lock you up expecting you to do something better with your life, but when you get out, there ain’t nothing better.

Dad: You know what, I’m getting sick and tired of your same ole excuses…

Rob: This is the problem!! I’m the one that’s’ been on six interviews. Six! They won’t hire me! What do you want from me?



Script #3 (Role of Mike)


Mike: You’re not gonna like this.

Reader: Well…spit it out.

Mike: I’ve decided to go ahead and testify.

Reader: Against me?

Mike: I know too much.

Reader: You know nothing.

Mike: Not just about the fire, but about the business. See everything is out in the open now and the only way we can stop this is to speak truthfully.

Reader: Man, I thought we were friends.

Mike: We were, but this is bigger than us! I gotta do the right thing.

Male Film Scene Ages 13-17

Script #1 (Role of Blake)


Blake: I over heard your new wife say that she thinks I’m spoiled.

Dad: Blake, you must have misunderstood.

Blake: Dad, I can’t believe that love has made you this blind. Don’t you see what she has been trying to do to us?

Dad: No.

Blake: She is trying to drive us apart. She doesn’t want you to share your attention with anyone else, even your own daughter.

Dad: I’ll have a talk with her.

Blake: Please don’t. She is already making my life unbearable. If she knew that I was coming to you with this, I hate to imagine how miserable my life will be. You have to see what I am talking about and help me fix it. Come on dad. The honeymoon is over. Let’s see what is really behind the step-monster.



Script #2 (Role of Marty)

Reader: Marty, I am not going to do your homework anymore. You ask me to come over and study with you and then you end up asking me for all of the answers.


Marty: No I don’t. You just help me reason things out and come up with the answers better than if I am by myself.

Reader: How is “what did you get for number 22” helping you reason?

Marty: Well if you tell me what you got for number 22 then I can figure out if I agree with the answer that you came up with. It is a great way to check your work for errors.

Reader: The only error that I’ve made is to let this go on for as long as it has. If you keep on at this rate you’re going to graduate without knowing anything.

Marty: I know lots of stuff.

Reader: Tying a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue is not something you can put on your resume so start reading!


Script #3 (Role of John)


John:  Are you kidding me? Why do we have to move?

Reader:  Your mother and I have decided that we don’t feel this area is a good place to raise a family.

John:  Well, what about how I feel? This is my home. This is where I have gone to school since I was five years old. All of my friends are here.

Reader:  You will make new friends.

John: I don’t want to make new friends. Why should I make new friends when I am perfectly happy with the friends that I have? 

Reader:  John, we have already made our decision. You can either support the family and have a good attitude or you can give us a hard time and make everyone around you miserable.

John:  Why shouldn’t everyone be miserable? I am. This is not a decision that should have been made without a discussion. I feel like what I feel doesn’t even matter. 


Reader:  It does.

John: Well, please try to include me in decisions that completely change my life.



Male Film Scene Ages 9-12

Script #1 (Role of Michael)

Michael:  I can’t believe you’re making us move.

Reader:  We’ve already been through this.

Michael:  Well let’s go through it again. If you move, I’m going to live with mom.

Reader:  You will do what I say.

Michael:  Ever since you met her… you stopped thinking about my feelings. It’s always about her.

Reader:  Listen, I am your father and after this weekend Amanda will be your new mother. So you will show us some respect.

Michael:  She may be your new wife, but she will never be my mother. I’m outta here.

Script #2 (Role of Ashton)

Ashton:  Dad, we need to have a little talk.

Reader:  A talk about what?

Ashton:  About your behavior at my soccer games.

Reader:  What about my behavior?

Ashton:  Dad, it’s totally embarrassing. You are sitting in the stands, screaming at all of the players, and saying horrible things to the referee. Don’t you think that is a little over the top?

Reader:  I am just there to support you.

Ashton:  Support is one thing but yelling “gut the goalie” is over the top. Now, I want you to sit here and think about you being a little more supportive and a lot less scary. 

Script #3 (Role of Brad)

Reader:  What happened to you?

Brad:  Some stupid kid called me a loser so we got into a fight. I hate that school. You should have never made me move here.

Reader:  I’m sorry but I had to for my job.

Brad:  It’s not fair. All of my friends are still back there. I’m different from the kids here. I want to go home, please!

Reader:  We can’t do anything about it now. We’re here and you’re going to have to make the best of it.

Brad:  Nobody in this family ever thinks of my feelings. Why can’t someone for once ask me what I want?